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Grade: 4-5 | Duration: 7:00

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A Tribute to Dr. Franics McBeth. Please see the score notes. (My friends, Dr. McBeth did indeed get to see this score and hear a recording played by SBO-Reid just 2 days before he left us. The work was commissioned by the Northwest Iowa Bandmasters Association, and completed the commissioning for the Chapter 21 CD, a tribute to many great Souls.)

Typical of people like Dr. McBeth, accomplished and compassionate, he was/is generous with others.

"Your music is like a breath of fresh air! I got home last night and listened to all of your CD - WOW - It is most impressive! I surely do like your work. I think you are the brightest young talent on the scene. Those are just knockout works! Hope you got home in good shape and try to take a nap."
W. Francis McBeth

"After listening to the new Chapter 13 CD, I must say that Stephen Melillo's music keeps getting better, and it was and is always excellent. The majority of band music published each year is not really composition. It is original arranging and most of it is in a 19th-century style. Stephen Melillo's music has always been in an innovative and contemporary style, which makes it true composition. I highly recommend his music to you. You will find it to be very powerful work."
W. Francis McBeth

Well, Dr. McBeth... this Music is for you. Love & Godspeed! Steve


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